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2003 Siren Crowd
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Ted Leo/Pharmacists
photo: Pete Kerlin

Ted Leo/Pharmacists

Stillwell Stage - 5:30pm

Hometown: New York, NY
Major Local Attraction(s): Bloomfield, NJ
Major Local Attraction(s): Bloomfield Public Library
Record Label: Lookout!

Modus Operandi: Channeling the modish spirit of early Elvis Costello and the earnest DIY ethos of Billy Bragg, Ted Leo is rapidly surpassing his own legacy as leader of seminal 90s pop-punks Chisel. Soulful, honest and smart, it's hard to imagine this independent road warrior nailing this whole music thing any more perfectly.

In Their Own Words: "I like to think that my romanticism is tempered by a healthy dose of modern skepticism and vice versa." - Ted Leo, vocals, guitar