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2003 Siren Crowd
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Radio 4
photo: Chris Cassidy

Radio 4

Stillwell Stage - 6:30pm

Hometown: New York, NY
Major Local Attraction(s): Empire State Building, Grant's Tomb
Record Label: Astralwerks

Modus Operandi: Named after a Public Image Ltd. song and proudly drawing on influences like Gang of Four, The Clash and Liquid Liquid, Radio 4 is raging a one band battle against lethargy and anti-dance laws. This is the sound of New York City: potent, provocative and slightly menacing.

In Their Own Words: "We'd go to this club that had a New Wave room and a house room with ten live percussionists. We used to stand in the doorway that connected the two and say drunkenly, 'Thish ish what we want our record to shound like.'" - Anthony Roman, bass, vocals