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2003 Siren Crowd
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Modest Mouse
photo: Pat Graham

Modest Mouse

Main Stage - 7:30pm

Hometown: Issaquah, Washington
Major Local Attraction(s): Salmon Days Festival
Record Label: Epic

Modus Operandi: Equally adept at jagged guitar riffery and jolting rhythms as they are at epic arrangements and blissful sonic splendor, this Pacific Northwest outfit has been progressing and perfecting its craft for nearly a decade now. Singer/guitarist/indie rock poet laureate Isaac Brock's willfully obscure and lyrical word paintings are the essential ingredient that has the thinking music fan clamoring for more.

In Their Own Words: "We've played some really weird places. We played on a pirate ship in Paris. On an actual boat. There was no stage, it was really tiny. The ropes were there, where we were playing. It was really small. The boat was kinda rocking. It was really bizarre and I kinda liked it too." - Isaac Brock, guitar, vocals