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2003 Siren Crowd
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photo: Tom Sheehan


Stillwell Stage - 8:00pm

Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland
Major Local Attraction(s): Edinburgh Castle, The Royal Mile
Record Label: Capitol

Modus Operandi: Though he was a photography student at Edinburgh University when Idlewild formed, savvy listeners know what lead vocalist Roddy Woomble was really studying: the history of American indie rock with an emphasis on Sonic Youth, Husker Du, REM and Nirvana. Fast forward to UK stardom, a week spent honing their craft with Patti Smith guitarist/rock guru Lenny Kaye and two brilliant albums and it becomes clear this band has etched its own place in the canon of intelligent rock.

In Their Own Words: "We have 50% guys who come and pour beer over their friends' heads and push themselves around and 50% who stand at the back and sing the lyrics to their girlfriends." - Roddy Woomble, vocals