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The Von Bondies

The Von Bondies

Main Stage - 2:00 PM

Hometown: Detroit
Record Label: Sympathy For The Record Industry

Fun Fact: While Jack White may have produced 2001's Lack of Communication, he is neither this band's older brother (contrary to popular belief) or it's ex-husband.

Obligatory Critical Claptrap (OCC): One of the more original bands mining 1960s garage thrust, the Von Bondies owe as much to their hometown's lineage (MC5, Stooges) and rave-up British invasion (Yardbirds, Animals) as to their own inner-dynamics. Bassist Carrie Smith and drummer Don Blum play sticks and stones beneath Marcie Bolen and Jason Stollsteimer's haunting, fuzzy guitars. Stollsteimer, meanwhile, howls his way to the Rhythm and Blues Hall of Pain.

Telling Lyric: "I know where your girl was last night, She didn't put up too much of a fight, More like a plea for somebody who had some time."
- In The Act