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Main Stage - 7:30 PM

Hometown: Portland, OR
Record Label: Kill Rock Stars

Fun Fact: The only band to be invited to Lollapalooza and Lilith Fair. (They turned both festivals down.)

Obligatory Critical Claptrap (OCC): If punk "broke" in '93, surely it could be said to have "stuck" a couple years later. That would be around the time that Sleater-Kinney first shocked industry wigs by sticking to their hometown/grown guns and not jumping for the carrot. Since then, the band that would be queen has never suffered a backlash because they're just that good: they rock that hard, they write that well, they pack that punch. Bring it on. Their latest long player, One Beat (due August 20), maintains the magical push and pull while reaching new heights of expressive liberation.

Telling Lyric: "You're no rock n' roll fun, Like a piece of art that no one can touch. Your head is always up in the clouds, Writing your songs. Won't you come down?"
- You're No Rock n' Roll Fun