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Shannon Wright

Shannon Wright

Stillwell Stage - 3:30 PM

Hometown: Atlanta
Record Label: Quarterstick

Fun Fact: If you mess with the letters in "shannonwright," you can get "hnr washington." Hmmm.

Obligatory Critical Claptrap (OCC): Shannon Wright creates a sanguinary mood not unlike a weather pattern out for vengeance. Neil Young's "Like A Hurricane" may as well been written for this masterly southern artist. Cruel passions and cruel fate are both revealed with a turgid, dangerous honesty that all at once mirrors Nina Simone, Diamanda Galas and Kurt Weill.

Telling Lyric: "There goes your mother and her plague. What a terrible display Of a charcoaled tongue That wouldn't lend a hand."
- The Path of Least Persistence (fig. II)