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Rye Coalition

Rye Coalition

Stillwell Stage - 1:30 PM

Hometown: Jersey City
Record Label: Tiger Style

Fun Fact: Day jobs of this hard working indie outfit include cab driver, jewelry salesman and deli deliveryman. Try to guess which member does what and you could win a mud flap for your 4 x 4.

Obligatory Critical Claptrap (OCC): North Jersey's Rye Coalition really just wants to kick out the jams. It is to great effect, however, that in their ants-in-the-pants eagerness, the band also manages to kick over your cocktail table, give the boot to your mullet, and sweep the legs of anyone left standing. The strident, punk stadium rock that these claw-fisted forward-thinkers emit makes conjugal the ballyhoo of post-whatcore adrenal rock with grand funkhouse rail stomp. Enjoy.

Telling Lyric: "Hey, Mr. Rock Journalist, How about a taste of my fist? It's such an exciting twist To your cynic laptop wit."
- Born a Monkey in the Year of the Snake