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Les Savy Fav

Les Savy Fav

Main Stage - 3:00 PM

Hometown: Brooklyn
Record Label: Frenchkiss

Fun Fact: The four-tet's fourth release, Go Forth, features a four-color cover collage of each member quartered and cut together as one person

Obligatory Critical Claptrap (OCC): The mad engineers of Les Savy Fav would love to take you and a guest on their next indie-disco-filled foray. Like the Coney Island Cyclone itself, this ride will spin you, thrust you, lust you and leave you winded and laughing with shocked relief that the damned thing never collapsed. But then, how could it? Parsing punk staccato, reptilian textures and post-everything postures, it's obvious that the forces at play are more than material.

Telling Lyric: "I for one am dazzled, I don't care if dazzled blind, Rapt, enraptured, capture By every little thing I find."
- Crawling Can Be Beautiful